Add Shopify Color Swatches to Variants

Screenshot of Shopify store using modified variants

1 - Create New Snippet

Name this snippet "swatch.liquid"

Paste the contents of this repo in your "swatch.liquid" file - Content for swatch file

2 - Locate product.liquid

You will find "product.liquid" in your templates folder.

This is where we will insert our "swatch.liquid" file.

Place this code where you want your new variants to appear.

{% if product.available and product.variants.size > 1 %} {% render 'swatch' for product.options as swatch %} {% endif %}

If you're not sure where to put this code, look for a <select> with a name="id", this is
where your current, drop down variants are.

3 - Locate selectCallback Function

This can be in your "product.liquid", "theme.liquid" or "theme.js" file.

Once you fine the selectCallback function you will need to add this code to the body of the function.

// BEGIN SWATCHES if (variant) { var form = jQuery('#' + selector.domIdPrefix).closest('form'); for (var i=0,length=variant.options.length; i<length; i++) { var radioButton = form.find('.swatch[data-option-index="' + i + '"] :radio[value="' + variant.options[i] +'"]'); if (radioButton.size()) { radioButton.get(0).checked = true; } } } // END SWATCHES

4 - Add another chuck of code

Locate your "theme.liquid" file in your "layouts" folder.

Add this code before the closing </body>tag.

<script> jQuery(function() { jQuery('.swatch :radio').change(function() { var optionIndex = jQuery(this).closest('.swatch').attr('data-option-index'); var optionValue = jQuery(this).val(); jQuery(this) .closest('form') .find('.single-option-selector') .eq(optionIndex) .val(optionValue) .trigger('change'); }); }); </script>

5 - Add the CSS

Add this code to your "theme.scss.liquid" or "custom-styles.scss.liquid" - CSS for variants

6 - Soldout image

You'll want to add an image named "soldout.jpg" to your "Assets" folder. This will be overlay the variant when sold out.

7 - Add Color Swatches

You only need to do this if you are using color variants.

Add the swatches to your "Assets" folder using hyphenated naming convention "black.jpg" or "blue-gray.jpg".

This is condensed version of this post on the Shopify forum - Post

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